Find the area of a circle with a circumference of \blueD{31.4}31.4start color blueD, 31, point, 4, end color blueD units.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The area of the circle is [tex]78.5\ units^{2}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:step 1Find the radius of the circlewe know thatThe circumference of a circle is equal to[tex]C=2\pi r[/tex]we have[tex]C=31.4\ units[/tex]assume[tex]\pi=3.14[/tex]substitute the values[tex]31.4=2(3.14)r[/tex][tex]r=31.4/[2(3.14)]=5\ units[/tex]step 2Find the area of the circleThe area of the circle is equal to[tex]A=\pi r^{2}[/tex]substitute the values[tex]A=(3.14)(5)^{2}[/tex][tex]A=78.5\ units^{2}[/tex]