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Just like one day turns to another day, God drinks a glass of pure dew from the night. Of the torrent seed from the one you call film maker, the one who’s been tryiing to enslave you in the name of the enslaved Antichrist' spirit under his self-preservation instinct in order to rule. That’s in short the film law, but what’s God’s belongs to God or each to their own - so why is there so much money in it?!
The issue of free torrent seed (so popular in future) is nowadays so packed that it can’t be packed more. Rich and chubby film production guys still pay easy-to-hire Russian hackers to block our trackers, whereas people keep massively downloading low-quality copies from uloz.to and similar sites...
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[2020-09-24 15:58] ... and Big hurray in Sun language: ULTA - MATA - HATA - VATA!
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